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These pages are designed to provide the reader with the best possible American Indian information for personal research, tribal histories, census and rolls.  We have many pages of our own from books, microfilm and research.  Enjoy yourself and come back often!! Be sure to check the list on the left for other new items to the website.

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The Extermination of the American Bison

Choctaw Freedmen and Oak Hill Industrial Academy

Mississippi Choctaw Investment Company

North American Indians of the Plains

The Apache Indian

Index of Books and Articles On Native American Nations
Our list of over 100 books and articles available on this site

Extinction by Reclassification: The MOWA Choctaws of South
Alabama and Their Struggle for Federal Recognition

Jackie Matte's work for the MOWA Choctaw

A Century of Dishonor
The great difficulty with the Indian problem is not with the Indian, but with the Government and people of the United States. Instead of a liberal and far-sighted policy looking to the education and civilization and possible citizenship of the Indian tribes, we have suffered these people to remain as savages.

Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology
The publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology consists of Contributions to
North American Ethnology, Annual Reports, Bulletins.

Introduction to the Study of Mortuary Customs Among the North American Indians
Early beliefs concerning the nature of human existence in life and after death and the
relations of the living to the dead are recorded in these customs.

The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War
The Indian alliance, so assiduously sought by the Southern Confederacy and so
laboriously built up, soon revealed itself to be most unstable.

Indian Linguistic Families of America North of Mexico
A single language is called a stock or family when it is not found to be cognate with any
other language. Languages are said to be cognate when such relations between them are
found that they are supposed to have descended from a common ancestral speech.

Sign Language Among North American Indians
This is the book to read to learn how our Ancestors communicated with other tribes

History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan
History of the last race of Indians now existing in the State of Michigan, called the Ottawa and Chippewa Nations of Indians.

A Sketch of the Pottawatomie, Last of the Illinois
The final struggle or the Pottawatomie and Illinois tribe in Illinois. Names on schedules
can be Chippewa, Ottowa, Potawatamie.
Schedule A, 1833 Treaty (Bottom of Page)
Schedule B, 1833 Treaty (Bottom of Page)
Supplemental Schedule A, 1833 Treaty (Bottom of Page)

Champlain's Expedition Of 1615 Against The Onondagas
A look at the authenticity of the expedition of 1615

The KE NA PO MO CO, Eel River, The Home of Little Turtle
History of Little Turtle of the Eel River Miami

The Midē Wiwin or Grand Medicine Society
The Ojibwa is one of the largest tribes of the United States, and it is scattered over a considerable area, from the Province of Ontario, on the east, to the Red River of the North, on the west, and from Manitoba southward through the States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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South East American Indian Research
Written by Jackie Matte author of
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Understanding the Final (Dawes) Rolls
What you need to know to find your ancestors

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